Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Google Knows You So Well

I was having a more than a couple of drinks at a local restaurant/bar in my area when a friend walked in. The conversation was about women and our past girlfriends. The basic destruction of men in general. He was going to Asia and told me that he had the best way to get airfare. I listened and later the next day, I looked. Seems good and it's Google doing it. I know that Google kicks ass when it come to research and they have done it again. Google knows what you are looking at and where you go and markets you their ads. So, I looked at their flight center " " and well I was impressed. Get the best flights to where you were looking. Hey, it works!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Purchasing a Timeshare on the resale market requires some due diligence

Purchasing a Timeshare on the resale market requires some due diligence.  Besides talking to the seller and getting the information on the timeshare, you need the third party verification on the deed of the timeshare and this comes from the Timeshare management.

This document is called an Estoppel Letter.

This is a verification of the actual ownership of a Timeshare Interval according to the Timeshare Resort's records.  These are commonly used by potential buyers to verify that the person selling the timeshare is indeed, actually the owner of said Timeshare, and to identify if the interval has any outstanding unpaid maintenance fees or taxes, as well as to determine if there are any outstanding loans against the Timeshare.

Now, how would you get an Estoppel Letter?

Only the owner of a Timeshare can request an Estoppel Letter (or a Licenced timeshare closing service) by a phone call or e-mail by the owner to the timeshare resort.  The Estoppel Letter is sent to the potential buyer directly from the Timeshare Resort Management.  Don’t accept anything less.

This is the best way to obtain confidence in a sale when considering the purchase of a deeded timeshare in the resale market.  It is a must in Timeshare resale transactions.

Here is what a Windham timeshare letter looks like.  There is a processing fee for transfer.  It is nominal.

Buyer be ware always!


  - Current Date Listed Here -

 Name of Company making the Request: (Example: Timeshare Closing Services)

 Name of Owner(s) ______________________________

 Contract Number**** ___________________________

 Member Number _______________________________

 Statement Type (M/A) ___________________________

 PAC (Yes/No) __________________________________

 Monthly/Annual maintenance Fee Amount * (Example 50.55 monthly)

 Current Due on Account: (Example -0-)

 Next Due Date: (Example: April 1, 2010)

 Points of Contract (Example 154,000 Every Year)

 Points Available: (Example: 0 for 2013/154,000 for 2014)

 Use Year of Contract (Expiration Date) (Example: 4/1 thru 3/31)

 Is Property Deeded Y/N __________________________

 Is Account in Collections Y/N _____________________

 Previous Year's Property Tax 2013**_______________

 Active Loan Y/N***_____________________________

 Maintenance Fees apply to current year's points on UDI contracts and to

 next years points on all Fixed Weeks contracts converted to points.

  *Information provided is good thru above date and is subject to change. If Buyer is a current FSP owner maintenance fees may differ from the above amount.

  **Only applicable to Florida Properties. Property taxes are included in maintenance fees on all other properties.

  ***Payoff quotes please call loan services @ 1-888-739-4016

  ****Contract numbers are required to obtain the information from the correct account. * Please allow seven days for the completion of all requests***

 All transfer of ownership requires a $100 processing fee. Please forward documentation to:

 Wyndham Vacation Ownership
 Title Services
 8427 So Park Circle Suite 500
 Orlando FL 32819
 FAX: 407-370-5222

Friday, August 22, 2014

Vacation Club Savings with Travel Points Credit Cards

Here is an idea to help build your vacation club savings.  Signup for a travel points credit card that has a signup bonus.  There are several cards which offer these bonuses.  This is only for people with good to very good credit.  You should check your credit score before you apply for more credit.  These type of cards require an annual income of $30,000.  You need to look for credit cards which will not cost a lot to maintain yearly and will give you a big chunk of travel points as a signing bonus.  There could also be my added benefits to some of these travel points credit cards.

You could get free insurance on air travel and car rentals by using your credit card.  This is a great advantage and savings for your vacation.  Check out the fine print as you might also get extended manufacturer’s warranty on purchases.

There are also the Frequent-Flyer Miles cards which almost every airline has got available.  Cardholders rack up miles at a rate of one mile per dollar spent or more.  Some of these Frequent-Flyer Miles cards have restrictions.  So, buyer beware, these cards are not all the same.   These cards can also offer bonus signups of air mile points which will boost your way towards a free or discounted airfare.  There is another collector program which can be used for more than air travel.

The Air Miles Collector Program is also a good addition to vacation club savings.  You can use this program with a credit card and/or with the collector card on its own.  Using the Air Miles Program with the credit card and the Collector Card will double your Air Miles points.  Air Miles sponsored retailers will give you additional points (and bonus points on certain items and services) if you shop from them.  Air Miles points can be redeemed for air travel, car rental, entertainment and consumer items from sponsors.

A good reason to use credit cards in general is that there is a safety factor with using credit cards.   Paying with a credit card makes it easier to avoid losses from fraud.  You just notify your credit card company of the fraud and don't pay for the transactions you didn't make.  The credit card company will always resolves the matter to your advantage.

The grace period with using a credit card is always attractive, but eventually you have to pay the credit back.  It is not a good idea to take a vacation on credit.  You are getting the credit card so you can take advantages of the bonus offer not to abuse the new credit you just got.  Live within your means and don’t go into debt.  Major credit cards have universal acceptance.  It is like caring cash.  Just have the funds ready to pay it down when you come back from the vacation.

Most rental companies require a credit card in case of damage to the rental which is a good reason to have one on your vacation.

You should also consider that you are building credit with this new credit card.  Credit card companies will report your payment activity to the credit bureaus.  So pay on time and try not to keep a balance on the card.

Credit and credit cards are great must have tools today.  One just has to use them wisely and take advantage of all the bonuses offered by the credit cards.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Have you heard of VRBO? Stay at a private residence while on vacation.

Have you heard about VRBO? 

It is a great idea if you want to save money on vacation accommodations.  What VRBO does, is bring home owners who are not staying at their home to offer to travellers who need a place to hang their hats when on vacation.

There are advantages for this.  The big one is cost.  Hotel room rates are 10 to 30% higher.  There is much more room (it’s a fully furnished home) and a kitchen to dine on your own time.

These vacation rentals are ideal for family vacations since they are homes and sleep several people.  There is also more privacy, pets are usually welcome and no hidden costs since you have discussed the rental with the owner and you know what you are paying for in extras.

This sounds like a great way to spend a vacation since you have so much choice.  There are 1 million plus properties in 100 countries to choose from.  Dwellings include loft apartments, beach front condos, mountain cabins, lake houses with docks, country farmhouses and harbour-side houseboats.

Here a link from VRBO to show you the comparison with their rentals vs hotels.  VRBO Rentals “Discover the Difference”.

To learn more about Timeshare and Vacation Club Savings and let us know what you are looking for, just click LINK HERE!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Cheapest Airline in the World is Firefly in Malasyia with 3 other Airlines that come close.

Here are the 4 Cheapest Airlines to fly with.

1. Firefly, Malaysia. (Wikimedia Commons)

2. SpiceJet, India.

3. Onur Air, Turkey.

4. FastJet, Africa.

If you are going to any of these countries and you want to hop around from city to city then this is the way to go.

These fairs are under $100 dollars USD.

Happy flying!

Saturday, July 26, 2014's data for Airfare Savings

The article is about (Canadian launched travel/booking website) and the stats they pulled out for the first year of business in Canada.  The information is great for airfare savings.

Here are the biggies which will save you money for Canadian air travel but it seems that it works for United States and Europe.

1.  Flying Tuesday travelling domestically and returning on Friday is cheapest.

2.  Domestic flights leaving on Thursday and returning on Sunday are more expensive.

3.  Flying Thursday leaving the country is most economical with a return flight on Monday.

4.  International flights out of Canada are most expensive departing Monday and returning on      Friday.

5.  You will spend 15% more by flying on Saturday or Sunday.

6.  The cheapest month on average to fly is January with 20% discounts.      

7.   June and July have cheaper air fare than August if you are travelling in the summer.

8.  The best pricing with airfare for European travel is between 8 to 10 weeks in advance.

9.  The best deals for travel to Asia are 9 to 10 mounts forward.

Debby Soo, a vice president with Kayak, which handles 100 million searches a month makes a few more comments on specific travel to some destinations in the article linked here MSN Travel Canada.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

How to Pack for Air Travel

How to Pack a Carry-on or Suitcase for Airline Travel

There two thing to consider when travelling by air.  First, how long will you be staying and how fast you want to be out of the airport after you land?  Know the airline’s fees for checked luggage and the maximum allowed per person.  Stay within the limits to keep your costs down.
The answer to these questions will determine your luggage.

If you are travelling for holidays you will probably take more items to wear and thus you are not in so much of a hurry to go or come back.  Stay within the luggage limits of the airline.  This is usually one carry-on and one checked baggage.
If you are travelling overnight and back the next evening then travel light with just the carry-on baggage which will allow you to get in and out of customs and check points faster.  There is also no waiting for luggage.  This is more like business travel and the pace is going to be faster than that of leisure travel.

Plan out what you are going to ware and bring items which you can mix and match which will increase your changeable looks.
Check all government travel sites on what is acceptable for travel these days and then check your airline website for luggage weight and dimensions.  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is for the United States and Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) for Canada.  Each country has its rules for air travel regulations and you should check the country’s authority for those rules if you are travelling overseas.

So now you know what to take for your trip.  Take every item of clothing and personable items out where you can see it all. 
Put similar items together for easy access.  The saving kit and tooth brush with tooth paste and shaving gel, soap and shampoo in a plastic sealable see through bag, double bag it for safety of accidental leeks.  It should be noted that any liquid, gel and aerosols of volume greater than 100 ml in Canada and total volume amount of 3.4 oz. for the U.S.A  needs to go in your checked luggage.  Also, note that when carrying on board the cabin label your liquids, handle and store them in large sealable plastic bags, and declare them with customs.

Clothing travels best with the rolling packing technique.  Just roll your clothes tightly and line the item side by side evenly across the length of the carry-on.  This method keep your items from wrinkling and allows for more space in the carry-on.  Portable Travel Clothing Steamers
When packing make sure to spread heavy items in your carry-on or checked luggage, balance is going to make your luggage more manageable.

Pack items which are prohibited on the cabin in your checked luggage.  These include sharp objects like box cutters, knives, scissors and cork screws, but not limited to tools, and sports equipment like bow and arrows.  Note:  cross bows are prohibited from both the cabin and checked luggage.

Pack foot ware at the top of the baggage.  Customs might want to look at these items carefully, thus give them easy access.
Get a doctor’s note for medications you are travelling with and any metal implants you many have to clear the metal detectors.  You really don’t want to be striped searched.

Finally, after packing make sure to measure the dimensions of your luggage and weigh it to insure you meet the airline requirements for carry-on and checked luggage.
Now you are good to go.  Bon Voyage!
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